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Harrison Fisher


"Dean of Students, Cary Academy"

I have the pleasure of serving as a reference for Harrison Fisher, my daughter's piano teacher for the past two years. In that time, Mr. Fisher has demonstrated his skill as an educator. Not only does he balance honest assessment with clear praise, but he also helps his students develop a deep love for music and the possibilities of the piano.

In the past decade, my daughter Cailey has tried different instruments: the cello, the guitar, and even voice. Yet after her first lesson with Harrison, she expressed more joy regarding music than in her previous attempts combined. She emerged from that first introduction to the piano, ready to return home and practice for another half an hour, working to master the skills that Harrison had explained to her.

His verbal support continued to encourage her. He pointed out her strengths, showed her how to tackle difficult passages step‐by‐step, exhorted her to work harder when necessary, praised her when she found success through her efforts.

Because of his skills as a teacher, she has grown comfortable with herself as both an amateur musician and a performer. Last year, for example, she took the risk of writing her own song for a French assignment; Harrison worked with her, explaining the basics of composition, helping her tweak her ideas. Her teacher praised the resulting work.

In addition, Harrison's work with Cailey has given her the courage to perform in front of others. An introverted young woman, she volunteered to perform a piano piece in front of the school. I guarantee that without Harrison's tutelage over the past two years, without the semi‐annual piano recitals that he organizes for his students, she wouldn't have had the confidence to play in front of her peers and teachers.

All parents love to see their children find that one activity that creates joy. Without a doubt, Harrison Fisher has given piano to my daughter, nurturing her confidence, shaping her abilities. She is a better player and a better person for having worked with him.

Should you wish to discuss the issue further, please contact me.


Robin Follet

Dean of Students

Cary Academy

"... enthusiastic to help his students"

I would highly recommend my piano teacher, Mr. Fisher, to any person wanting to play piano. Mr. Fisher is always enthusiastic to help his students improve their piano skills. He is great at piano himself, and shares his many skills.

When I first walked into a room with Mr. Fisher, I never thought I could reach the point in my playing that I am now. I didn't know any scales or chords, and I just had to play short songs many times to "learn" them. In short time with Mr. Fisher being my instructor, I understood scales, chords and was playing challenging songs I hadn't dreamed of playing. Piano is becoming more and more fun for me under the instruction of Mr. Fisher. I believe others with the instruction of Mr. Fisher would find piano fun too.


Avery Lue

"... patience and generosity"

Mr. Harrison H. Fisher is presently my voice teacher, and I have been his student for eleven years. Before studying with Mr. Fisher, I was receiving vocal training with another teacher, but I felt that I was not progressing as I expected.

A friend of mine told me about Mr. Fisher's reputation as vocal coach and musical director. I was not a trained musician, and I was hesitant at first to come to him for singing lessons, but the evidence of my friend's technique improvement, gave me the resolution to take a change.

I began my lessons, and I could not believe his patience and generosity working so hard to help me realize the dream of my life to work on operatic arias. My voice opened up, and everyone who knew me noticed the improvement.

Last, but not the least, when I came to him I was passed the age of any possible growth in my voice, but Mr. Fisher's experience found the way to it, and at this moment, I am still singing, getting to perform for others, and dreaming that he will continue to find the magic wand to make me produce pleasant sounds.

I highly recommend him as a gentleman and a great voice teacher. You can contact me for any further information.


Maria Teresa Fernandez

"... greatly surpassed all our expectations"

We have had the pleasure of knowing Harrison Fisher for over 3 years as he instructed my son, Avery, in piano. He is an excellent piano teacher who took a quiet, shy kid and turned him into a confident piano player. Within months of working with Mr. Fisher, my son's abilities jumped drastically. Before he started with Mr. Fisher, Avery would not play for an audience. Now, he has agreed to play for a variety of audiences including a nursing home, a funeral service, and a school graduation. He even played a piano in a hotel lobby.

Avery's abilities and his confidence are a direct result of Harrison Fisher's instruction. Mr. Fisher is always respectful but he does let Avery known when he is disappointed. When Avery masters a technique or a portion of the music, Mr. Fisher's exuberance can often be heard in the hallway. He is also wise enough to ease up on Avery when he senses that Avery is having a bad day due to something outside of piano.

Our Expectation when we signed Avery up for lessons was that his love for music and the piano would grow, and that his abilities would improve. We owe many thanks to Mr. Fisher, who has greatly surpassed all our expectations.


Ynonne and John Lue

"... open-minded and flexible"

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter in enthusiastic support of Mr. Fisher. Mr. Fisher has been working with my son, Chance Whipkey at Music School of Cary for over a month.

As a parent, I am pleased by the iprovement of my son's piano. Mr. Fisher takes each piece of music, each single note seriously. He demands that his student plays each music note right.

In addition, Mr. Fisher is open-minded and is flexible about his student. my son is very active and has his own thought about piano. Mr. Fisher has been working very well with him. I will strongly recommend Mr. Fisher to any parents who are searching for a piano teacher for their children.


Lin Whipkey

"I highly recommend Harrison Fisher ..."

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Harrison Fisher. My son Logan takes piano lessons with Harrison beginning last April. My son has not previously had any music lessons at all. The progress that Logan has made during the past several moths has far exceeded any axpectations I had and demonstrated to me what a worderful teacher Harrson is. Not only has my son grown learning music, he has gained more confidence in himself. Playing and practicing the piano is not a chore but rather an activity he now performs happily and voluntarily.

i give much credit to this enthusiasm to Mr. Fisher's ability to convey the joy and challenge of learning to tead and play music. He knows when to be patient and when to challenge to get the best out of his students. His commitment to his students and to music as an art is apparent during lessons. I highly recommend Harrison Fisher as a piano teacher.


Lisa Valdinets